Kanboard Plugins

You can extend the features of Kanboard by installing some extensions.

There is no approval process and code review. This is up to you to validate the compatibility of these plugins with your Kanboard instance.

Amazon S3 Storage

This plugin stores uploaded files to Amazon S3 instead of storing files on the local file system.

By Frédéric Guillot

Assign category when moving cards to specified column

Adds an automatic action which allows you to set the category on a card when moved to a specified column.

By David Morlitz

Assign date to undated cards

Adds an automatic action which allows you to set a due date on undated cards to allow card to appear on calendar and ICS feed.

By David Morlitz

Assign due date when moving card to specified column

Adds an automatic action which allows you to set a due date (relative to the current time in days) on a card when moved to a specified column

By Jacob Charles Wilson

Attach Documents for Project Viewers

This plugin will allow Project Viewers to attach documents to tasks.

Franklin Hernandez

Auto Email Extended Actions

This plugin will add 4 new automatic email actions to Kanboard.

  • Send task by email to assignee
  • Send task by email to creator
  • Send email of an impending due date
  • Send email of an impending subtask due date, requires Subtask Due Date Plugin

By Craig Crosby

Auto Subtask Creation

Automatic action to create subtasks when a task is created or moves column.

By Craig Crosby

Back to Top and Bottom buttons

Adds a back to top and bottom button to Kanboard Task Summary.

By Craig Crosby


Plugin to add a backlog column with full height to project board. One Column to rule them all.

By vistree + creecros


Use Beanstalkd to process background jobs.

By Frédéric Guillot

Bitbucket Webhook

Bind Bitbucket webhook events to Kanboard automatic actions.

By Frédéric Guillot


Simple blue CSS Theme.

By bgibout


Customize board and card styles per user.

By BlueTeck, Craig Crosby, Jake G


Plugin to broadcast messages to users via the application or email.

By Frédéric Guillot


Budget planning based on sub-task time tracking: create budget lines, See the expenses based on sub-task time tracking, Manage user hourly rates.

By Frédéric Guillot


Embedded calendar into Kanboard.

By Frédéric Guillot, forked and maintained by Andrew Cziryak


Add action buttons to cards - including pushing due date, viewing last comment, edit, close and move.

By David Morlitz

Client SSL Certificate Authentication

Use SSL client certificate for Kanboard authentication.

By Frédéric Guillot


Adds an automatic action, that allows you to clear the due date of tasks in a specific column, that haven't been moved during a given period.

By Manfred Hoffmann

Comment Actions

This plugin gives the ability to assign actual Task (direct in comment-create section) to one of the users in Project.

By Andrei Volgin, ipunkt Business Solutions

Comment Tooltip

Show task's comments as tooltip as in older kanboard version.

By Enrico Frigo


Minimalist chat for small teams.

By Frédéric Guillot

Commenting only for Project Viewers

Plugin adds commenting abilities for Project Viewers.

By Craig Crosby

Completed Complexity

Plugin to add tracking of Completed Complexity of tasks over dates in a date range. This chart shows the completed complexity (throughput) of tasks moved into the right-most column over the time interval.

By Andrew Cziryak


This plugin adds a coverimage function to the board, and a project logo function to projects.

By BlueTeck

Creecros Filter Pack.

A collection of filters. Make requests for additional filters on issue board.

By Craig Crosby


GUI to add logos, favicon, customize login page, multiple themes, manage themes, create themes.

By Craig Crosby


Adds a setting for custom CSS per user

By Sebastian Pape

Database Storage

This plugin stores uploaded files into the database instead of using the local filesystem.

By Frédéric Guillot

Due Date sorting

Allow boards to be sorted by card due date.

By David Morlitz

Encrypted Content

This plugin allows the insertion of text content encrypted in the kanboard database, with the use of random keys.

Valentino Pesce


Essential theme returns a new style to your kanboard.

Valentino Pesce

Extend comment by email

Extend comment by email with templates and reply-to

Rens Sikma


Gantt charts for tasks and projects.

By Frédéric Guillot

Gitea Webhook

Connect Gitea webhook events to Kanboard automatic actions.

By Chris Metz

GitHub Authentication

Use GitHub as authentication provider.

By Frédéric Guillot

GitHub Frontend

Use Kanboard to manage GitHub Issues.

By Frédéric Guillot

GitHub Webhook

Connect GitHub webhook events to Kanboard automatic actions.

By Frédéric Guillot

GitLab Authentication

Use GitLab as authentication provider.

By Frédéric Guillot

GitLab Webhook

Connect GitLab webhook events to Kanboard automatic actions.

By Frédéric Guillot


Click and drag anywhere on your Kanboard to scroll horizontally.

By Ramón Cahenzli


Use Gravatar to display user avatars images.

By Frédéric Guillot


Greenwing is a kanboard beautify theme with a modern design.

By Confexion

Group assignment for tasks

Plugin adds Group Assignment and additional multiple users assignment for tasks

By Craig Crosby, Jake G

Gogs Webhook

Connect Gogs webhook events to Kanboard automatic actions.

By Frédéric Guillot

Google Authentication

Use Google as authentication provider.

By Frédéric Guillot

Highlight Code Syntax

For code snippets the plugin is able to highlight code syntax in more than 151 languages, including PHP, Javascript, Python, HTML and CSS.

By Valentino Pesce


Receive individual or project notifications on Hipchat.

By Frédéric Guillot

IMAP User Authentication

Login to Kanboard using your IMAP credentials

By Jim Mason

Import user with group

Adds a group name field to Import via CSV.

By Craig Crosby

Instant Actions for Kanboard Tasks

Add buttons to tasks in board view for edit, delete and close them.

By Jens Heuschkel et. al.


Receive individual or project notifications on Jabber.

By Frédéric Guillot


A useful and calm theme

By aljawaid


You can switch from one task to another by entering number on any page of your Kanboard.

By Valentino Pesce


Use the Mailgun API to send emails and create tasks from emails.

By Frédéric Guillot


Improved Markdown, with check boxes, emoji shortcode, inline html, etc...

Craig Crosby


Send Kanboard notifications to Matrix Synapse (federated messaging platform).

By Chris Metz


Send Kanboard notifications to Mattermost (self-hosted Slack clone).

By Frédéric Guillot

Metadata Manager

This plugin adds a GUI to manage custom metadata for task, projects and user.

By BlueTeck


Customizable Fields for Tasks, with advanced GUI and many more features, includes Metadata Manager.

By Craig Crosby + BlueTeck


Add a section for milestones to show their related tasks.

By Olivier Maridat


Option to minimize sidebar.

By Valentino Pesce

Move cards to specific columns when due date passed

Adds an automatic action which allows you to move cards to a specific column when the due date has passed.

By David Morlitz


This theme allows you to add special features like replacing the logo and adds syntax highlighting for Markdown code.

By Valentino Pesce


This theme allows you to add special features like replacing the logo and adds syntax highlighting for Markdown code.

By Valentino Pesce


Generic OAuth2 plugin.

By Frédéric Guillot


This Plugin is used to automatically alert users when they've lost internet connection.

By Andrei Volgin, ipunkt Business Solutions

Overwrite Translation

Overwrite default translations without touching kanboard files.

By BlueTeck


This theme allows you to add special features like replacing the logo and adds syntax highlighting for Markdown code.

By Valentino Pesce


This added integration allows you to recieve notification on the Outlook as an incoming webhook email.

By Siddharth Kaul

Persian Board

Make Kanboard compatible with Iranian Calendar (Persian or jalali Calendar) and support RTL (Right To Left) direction.

By Hamid Kord


Use the Postmark API to send emails and create tasks from emails.

By Frédéric Guillot

Project Invitation

Plugin is used to invite new users to actual Project by typing user's email. Input for invitation is located in Project Settings->Permissions.

By Andrei Volgin / Hussein Khalil, ipunkt Business Solutions

Push out due date on cards when moving to specific columns

Adds an automatic action which allows you to push the due date a specified number of days when moving cards to a specific column.

By David Morlitz


This plugin give you an new interface that help you create Gherkin tests for a task.

By Quamob


This plugin allow you to execute automated deployment in qualification and production directly on your board.

By Quamob


This plugin use RabbitMQ to process background jobs for Kanboard.

By Frédéric Guillot

Relation Graph

Show relations between tasks using a graph library.

By BlueTeck, Xavier Vidal

Reverse-Proxy Authentication with LDAP user provider

Authenticate users with Reverse-Proxy method but populate user information from the LDAP directory.

By Frédéric Guillot


Receive individual or project notifications on RocketChat.

By Frédéric Guillot, Olivier Maridat

Search Plugin

This Plugin is created for advanced fulltext search within all Projects.

By Andrei Volgin, ipunkt Business Solutions


Self-registration plugin to allow people to sign up on Kanboard.

By Frédéric Guillot


Use the Sendgrid API to send emails and create tasks from emails.

By Frédéric Guillot


Receive Kanboard notifications on Signal (via signal-cli).

By Benedikt Hopmann


Receive individual or project notifications on Slack.

By Frédéric Guillot

SMS Two-Factor Authentication

Use SMS text messages for two-factor authentication.

By Frédéric Guillot

Sort Board by Dates

This plugin will allow boards to be sorted by different dates.

  • Date due, started, created, modified, moved, closed ...
  • ... or (of course) in kanboard default-mode
  • ONLY project-managers/admins can set the preferences via a new "Board sort-settings"-panel on a per-project base

By Manfred Hoffmann

Sound Notification

Each new notification will sound an alert sound.

By Valentino Pesce

Spectre Theme

Modern And Simple CSS theme.

By viggo

Starred Projects

Mark projects as favorite for faster access in dashboard

By BibLibre

Subtask Due Date

This plugin adds a Due Date to subtasks.

By Manuel Raposo

Subtask Forecast

This plugin display estimates of subtasks in the user calendar. The user timetable must be filled to see time slots in the calendar.

By Frédéric Guillot


This plugin adds Filter Dropdown with all availiable tags.

By TimoStahl


Adds an automatic action to assign a priority based on a category.

By Manfred Hoffmann

Synology Chat

Receive individual or project notifications on Synology Chat.

By Paul Sweeney


Show the progress bar of sub-tasks from the bulletin board

By Valentino Pesce


Convert a Task to a PDF, Printer Friendly!

By Craig Crosby

Task Buttons Reposition

By this Plugin some action buttons are duplicated from sidebar list to corresponding accordion section in Task content view.

By Andrei Volgin, ipunkt Business Solutions

Task Board Date

Add a new date field for tasks to define the visibility on the board and dashboard.

By Frédéric Guillot


Working timetable management for users.

By Frédéric Guillot

Time Interval Button

Simple plugins which adds button to incrementally change time spent on task.

By Igor Mroz

Time Machine: Back to the Future

Add more analytics times datas like time comparison by swimlanes, categories and by dates (only spent time). And a edit form on subtask time tracking

By Yohann Valentin

Time Tracking Editor

Manually Add and Edit Time Tracking entries, add comments and select billable/not billable to time tracking entries. Export Time Tracking Entries as HTML.

By Stinnux


Receive individual or project notifications on Telegram.

By Manu Varkey


A clean and high-quality theme for Kanboard. It's aimed at better mobile experiences, common plugin compatibilities, and customization friendly.

By greyaz

Embed Anything

Embed anything into Kanboard. This plugin utilizes HTML iframes and allows you to embed any web content into your project as a stand-alone page.

By greyaz

Table View

A Kanboard plugin that provides a table view of tasks in your project.

By greyaz

Wechat Work Notifier

A notification plugin for Kanboard, which helps you receive notifications on Wechat Work (企业微信), aka Wecom.

By greyaz

Update Notifier

What is Update Notifier? The Update Notifier is a utility that scans installed plugin and displays a list of updates.

By Valentino Pesce


Duplicate Tasks by nightly Cron Job

By Sebastian Pape and Sebastien Diot

Weighted voting

This plugin add new features to Kanboard. Weighted voting for the evaluation of group activities in Kanboard.

By Manel Perez


Yet another theme for Kanboard. Strongly inspired by the style of Wekan. Supports the Customizer plugin.

By Benno Waldhauer


Wiki to document projects.

By lastlink


This plugin allows you to import Wunderlist tasks and lists directly from the user interface of Kanboard by uploading a Wunderlist export file.

By Maxime (Epoc)


Receive individual or project notifications on Zulip.

By Peter Fejer

CAS Authentication

Use CAS as authentication provider.

By Jamaïca Servier (École des Ponts ParisTech)

Group owners

Plugin that allows application managers to create their own groups and manage it

By Cyboulette

Kanboard Essentials

Adds many quality of life features, like edit buttons on columns & cards, among others.

By Taeluf

Activitystream diff

Shows a side-by-side diff if applicable in the activity streams

By Tomas Dittmann

Task number in details

Shows the task number in the task details, so if you use the MinimizeSidebar plugin, you can still see the tasknumber

By Tomas Dittmann

Clickable checkboxes in textareas

Enable state-saving checkboxes in textareas - requires markdownplus

By Tomas Dittmann

Paste image to markdown

Allows to paste images directly into markdown enabled textfields (task descriptions, comments, etc) - requires markdownplus

By Tomas Dittmann

Enable attachment renaming

Adds a button on attachments that allows you to rename them

By Tomas Dittmann

Resizable codeblocks

Make codeblocks resizable, scrollable and also initially limit their height to 200px

By Tomas Dittmann

Add MathJax to Kanboard

Adds MathJax capabilites to your Kanboard. Use $$ \alpha $$ for inline math and $$$ \beta $$$ for block math

By Michael Zauner

Project activity modifier

Add hide/show and delete buttons for administrators to every event on activity streams

By Tomas Dittmann


This plugin changes the Automatic Action interface to make it more user friendly when viewing. This is particularly useful for visual learners and non-English speaking users.

By aljawaid


Action to email the full history of a task on closure

By aljawaid


Agile Indicators for Kanboard display the measurements for Task Priorities and Task Complexities in an easy to use general format. Task Priorities are scaled between P1 and P5 whilst Task Complexities are scored as 0-50.

By aljawaid


Add a support section in the Kanboard Settings interface so that end users can easily gather any information required by their internal technical support departments and for troubleshooting purposes.

By aljawaid


Glancer lets you quickly jump to a project, task or comment through a search bar at the bottom of the screen. Following the 'Getting Things Done' - GTD methodology, productive users can glance in and out of tasks, comments and projects across the interface.

By aljawaid


This plugin adds a link to Actions sidebar menu in tasks and in the dropdown menu on Boards that copies the relevant task link to the clipboard. This is especially useful when frequently moving tasks between projects and wanting to quickly copy links for sharing.

By Theobald Software GmbH